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ASP. NET 3. 5 Website Programming
penulis : Chris Love - -

Dear reader, thanks for picking up this book, and welcome to the ASP ...view detail

Advanced PHP Programming
penulis : George Schlossnagle - -

THIS BOOK STRIVES TO MAKE YOU ANexpert PHP programmer ...view detail

Oracle Database Programming Using Java And Web Services
penulis : Kuassi Mensah - -

Java is a complete, portable, object-oriented, safe, flexible, and versatile lan-guage, but why consider it when it comes to database programming? Well,
this is the whole purpose of Part 1 of this book, but let’s say in a nutshell that
the integration of a Java engine (J2SE) with a database engine, closer to the
data, gives you the best of both worlds and opens the door to powerful, ver-satile/flexible, and sophisticated data-driven applications that are not possi-ble with non-Java-enabled RDBMS ...view detail

Beginning Perl
penulis : John Wiley - -

AS WITH MANY BOOKS, this one would not have been possible without many people helping me
along the way ...view detail

Java Script for Kids
penulis : Nick Morgan - -

Computers are incredibly powerful machines, capable of performing amazing feats like playing
competitive chess, serving thousands of web pages, or making millions of complex calculations in less
than a few seconds ...view detail

Programming in Objedtive - C
penulis : Stephen G. Kochan - -

An object is a thing ...view detail

ASP Programming for the Absolute Beginner
penulis : John W. Gosney - -

elcome to ASP Programming for the Absolute Beginner ...view detail

Scratch Programming For Teems
penulis : Jerry Lee Ford - -

Welcome toScratch Programming for Teens!Scratch is a programming language
developed by the MIT Media Lab for the purpose of teaching programming to
teens and other first-time programmers ...view detail

Core PHP Programming
penulis : Leon Atkinson - -

This book is organized into four main sections: an introduction to programming; a
reference for all the functions in PHP; a survey of common programming problems; and
finally a guide for applying this knowledge toWeb site development ...view detail

MySQL in 21 Days
penulis : Mark Maslakowski - -

Since before the dawn of the computer age,people have been using databases ...view detail